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The Official WB Merchstore is online with unique designs for both sides of the pond...

Going live in 2021, the WB Merchstore showcases exclusive merchandise featuring Will's brand logo. With designs specific to both the US and UK/EU market, each individual store and every sale will benefit Will's charity partners in those regions

My Greatest Defeat: Stories of hardship and hope from motor racing's finest heroes.

My Greatest Defeat is a collection of honest and revealing insights into 20 of the greatest living racing drivers; legends of the worlds of Formula 1, Indycar, NASCAR, Le Mans and Rally. Its purpose is to discover their weakest moment, the one time in their lives when they didn’t know where to turn or what to do next. To show that beneath the fire-proof suits and the helmets and beyond the heroics displayed on track, these great modern gladiators are fallible and breakable. The legends interviewed opened up completely. Honesty flowed as rarely seen and little expected. Mighty champions, men we’ve always seen as thick-skinned, macho, manly men, unburdening their souls. These are their stories. Their words. Their truths.

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