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2019 stats


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122 million impressions

1.6 million profile visits

1.1 million likes

1.8% engagement rate

254k link clicks

150%+ follower increase

3.6 million impressions

5.76% engagement rate


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  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Fastest growing major sports league in the world 2019.

24.9 million followers

15.5 billion total impressions

3.1 billion video views

405 million interactions

1 billion page views

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2019 was a huge year for Will, his increased visibility on both linear and digital networks resulting in a personal and professional cross-platform surge in presence, follows and engagement.

Will's personal twitter page saw a record 1.6 million visits in 2019, his tweets hitting a hefty 122 million impressions in the calendar year (an average of 10 million a month.) For the first time, engagement rose above 1 million Likes (92k per month) with an average engagement rate at a very healthy 1.8%. His tweets received 254k link clicks (21k average per month.)


On Instagram, an increased use of the platform both through traditional posts and stories, saw a 20,000 following on January 1st increase over 150% to sit at over 50,000 at year end. With traditional posts receiving 3.6 million impressions in 2019, Will's account was hitting over 300k each month and an engagement rate just shy of the 6% highest bracket of "very high engagement."

Meanwhile on Formula 1's official channels, the number of users across the sport's social media platforms grew significantly, with the total number of followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube reaching 24.9m (+32.9% compared to 2018). The increase was particularly notable on Instagram (+69.3%) and Twitter (+66.1%).


Formula 1’s social media channels confirmed their status as the fastest growing of all major sports leagues in the world.


Engagement on F1's social media platforms saw positive gains too, with total impressions up by 48.3% (15.5bn), video views by 60.9% (3.1bn) and minutes watched almost doubled, reaching 3.2bn (+89.9%). Interactions, meanwhile, totalled 405m across the four social media platforms (+82%).


F1’s core digital platforms had a great season, surpassing 1bn page views (1.124bn), almost doubling them (+82.3%), compared to last year. On the website, the number of pages viewed reached 409.8 (+22.9%) while the official F1 App has seen a three-digit increase (+152.3%), up to 714.2m views. On both platforms, video views and minutes watched rose significantly, up to 54m (+45.2%) and 84.5m (+19.5%) respectively. The number of unique users reached was 55.9m (+16.3%): 52.1m on the website (+15.3%) and 3.7m on the app (+33.5%), with a +25% increase of the average number of users per race week.